…with the unexpected.

The year began in snowy, icy South Carolina beach town. It was the first time in over 20 years that the area experienced that much snow and they did NOT have proper ways to deal with it.

My family and I were on vacation, with our dog, so we flowed with the snow storm, so to speak! We hunkered down, played games, read books, cooked meals inside.

For someone who gets uncomfortable when feeling ‘out of control,’ this was an important lesson I have to experience in real life, as often as possible!


…with the body.

The first few months of 2018 taught me to be patient with my body.

I chopped off a good chunk of the tip of a finger using the mandolin improperly (please read directions carefully!). That took a long, painful amount of time to heal.

Then I had a pinched nerve in my neck which prevented me from regular exercise, forced me to rest and made time for healing and therapy.

I was definitely cranky and impatient for several weeks!

And yet… both things healed in time.

The body DOES heal itself if you give it patience and time. It is so easy to forget to be grateful for our body’s own wisdom and ability to heal itself.


…with like minded people.

2018 was a year of finding the people I want to work with, people I want to be with, people who can inspire, challenge, and help me grow (my word of 2018, by the way).

From co-founding Bexley Wellness Collective, to joining Self Coaching Scholars, to collaborating with talented healers and practitioners for workshops, to finding walking and talking buddies near and far, I am a much better person at the end of the year because of the collaborations I created, found, and made this year.

Sometimes it can feel so lonely even in this big, seemingly connected world. It feels like there should be so much connection everywhere, but I am certain that there is NO replacing that human connection we all need to thrive.

If your people don’t come to you, go to them!

Reach out, raise your hand, ask, create those connections.

They are out there waiting to find you, too.

• • • •

What did you learn this year that helped you grow? And what are you hoping to learn in 2019 that will help you thrive?

Wishing you a healthy and peaceful year to come!