The last 5-day Real Food Reset Challenge of the year begins tomorrow!

With each Reset, I offer tips and tools for us all to refocus on why, what and when we eat to nourish our body for optimum health.

Eating should be intuitive and simple, and yet it can be so frustrating. 

Food should be nutritious and delicious and uncomplicated, and yet so many of us have challenges around it.

My free 5-day Reset challenges attempt to help you take away the complicated, frustrating relationships with food and eating.

The answer to all of this is in Mindful Eating.



I am excited to cohost this one with the beautifully talented Kelly Schmidt.

Kelly is a Bexley resident, a mother of two, a registered dietitian who specializes in diabetes. She’s a wealth of knowledge and is going to help lead us through Intermittent Fasting (IF)¬†during this Reset.

You can choose to do the regular Reset, or give IF a try. It’s totally up to you!

It is not too late to join us!

Come see what it’s like to eat mindfully, and treat your body the way it’s meant to be treated.

If you have been curious about intermittent fasting, and want to give it a try, this is your opportunity!

Join my RESET now and you will get the guidelines, recipes, and all the information you need for Intermittent Fasting today.