I have been reluctant to write about fall this year.

It felt like it was not going to arrive.

The wet and warm summer days lingered into the first weeks of this new season. Even though the days were getting shorter, the trees were hanging on to those green leaves and the temperatures were some days warmer than warm.

In some ways it felt good to have summer linger.

Even if innately it felt wrong and delayed.

Maybe we were all taking our time to transition this year?

Maybe nature was trying to tell us that  it was okay to start letting go a little later?


I still believe that nature has a way of teaching us everything we need to know. If we pause to watch, hear, and feel, we can learn so much from the rhythm of the days.

Now that fall has truly arrived with crispy air and fall foliage, shorter days and Halloween decorations, let’s tune in and learn from nature how to let go of what we don’t need anymore. By doing so, we will be better prepared for the darker and shorter days to come.

Like the leaves that are falling from the trees, and the days that are letting go of sunlight, we must let go of some things that are no longer serving our mind and body.

Here are 4 simple ways to let go of things so that you can improve your life.

The first two have to do with your food choices to best nourish your body.

1. Let go of foods that don’t serve our body.

You know what these foods are. They are foods that make you feel bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable. They are also foods that you can’t stop eating even if it does not make you feel good (candy? alcohol? chips?).

Your body knows best and will let you know what it wants to let go of. All you have to do is listen to it, and choose to nourish the body instead of satisfying your mind.

2. Let go of eating at night

Night time eating is largely emotional eating (boredom, fatigue, anxiety) or part of a habit (eating while watching TV or browsing the computer/phone).

Our digestion needs a break to digest, heal and rebalance. The best time to do that is between your last meal (dinner) to your first meal the next day (breakfast).

So, let go of night time eating to allow your body to rest and digest. Again, choose to nourish the body instead of satisfying your mind.

The second two are mind-related. Letting go of some unproductive thoughts or words will give you so much freedom.

3. Let go of negative stories 

What negative stories do you have running in your brain? Are they true or are they projections of your mind? Are they serving you in some positive ways or are they causing more anxiety and worry?

You have the power to change these stories. Let go of them if these stories aren’t giving you positive results.

4. Let go of the shoulds

How long is your to-do list? How many of the items are considered “should dos”?

Prioritize how you spend your time, and let go of the shoulds if they are just clogging up your to-dos.

Often, the shoulds create unnecessary stress (or guilt, shame, disappointment). If you can let them go, even if for the time being, you will be giving yourself a gift of time and mental space to prioritize things that you can actually implement and accomplish.