My favorite meditation during Learning to Pause Retreat with Jillian Pransky was the Root to Rise meditation.


I loved it for its imagery: to be still like a tree, with roots growing further and deeper into the ground while the tree branches keep growing and rising toward the sky.


Rooting down is very grounding.


When we feel our feet on the ground, touching the earth or the floor, we connect with what is below.


When we feel our hands rising up toward the sky, away from the ground, as far as we can, we connect with what is above.


Rooting keeps us grounded. This is the Yin side of life. 


Rising helps us grow. This is the Yang side of life. 


The interdependence of Yin and Yang, ground and sky, roots and branches plays a huge key to the harmony within us.


To experience both at the same time is the experience of being a human in harmony with itself.


It is only when we are well rooted can we rise further.


It is only when we are grounded that can we grow beyond who we currently are, to realize our full potential.




If you want to feel this in your body and in your mind right now, simply stand with your feet on the ground. Make sure you really feel them on the ground.


Now raise your arms above your head, spreading all your 10 fingers wide, and high.


Breathe in deeply while you stretch your hands above, as high as you can. Feel the space and freedom above you. This is where you can grow toward… it’s expansive and infinite. 


Breathe out completely while you plant your feet firmer into the ground. Feel the earth beneath you anchoring you down. Feel supported and nurtured and rooted by digging deeper. You are solid and grounded. Nothing can sway you now. 


Repeat this at least 5 times, preferably with your eyes closed, and pay attention to inside your body.


Let thoughts come and go, only focus on your breath.


Root to rise.


Ground to grow.


When these two work in unison, you are in harmony with yourself, and with the earth. 


And that is a moment of magic.


A moment of peace.


A moment of all possibilities.