The one lesson that Jillian Pransky reminded us over and over during our Learning to Pause Retreat at Kripalu was recognizing the most relationship we have.


It’s not the relationship with our kids, or our spouse. It’s not the relationship with our mother, father, or sibling. It’s not with our house, or community.


It’s the relationship we have with our breath.


That is it: our breath.


Since the day we were born, this relationship began.


And it will continue to the very end of our time in this body.


It is, by far, the longest and most intimate relationship of our life time.


Cultivating this relationship allows us to connect and trust the very essence of our being: the most basic foundation of life.


All relationships begin and grow with trust. 


In order to do this, we must pause.


When we pause to connect with our breath, we are truly connecting with our original source of energy.


When we pause to connect with our breath, we are attaching our mind to our body.


When we pause to connect with our breath, we rekindle the relationship with our being.


We have to be still for this relationship.


We have no choice, but to pause, and breathe.


This very moment, the moment we make this connection, we are truly living.


It sounds simple. But it’s not easy.


How often do you pause to feel your breath?


It’s a practice that is ongoing. Without the practice, we are out of touch. Without the practice, we are not connected to our original and only true source of ourselves.


“We practice to remember,” said Jillian.


We practice to remember. 


Right now, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing,



P A U S E…,     B R E A T H E…,     and    C O N N E C T… 


The more we practice and connect with this most important relationship, the stronger it will be and the most alive and present we will show up in our own life.


The more we trust ourselves. 


And from there, anything is possible.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response. 

In that response lies our growth and our freedom. 

The whole reason to pause.” ~ Victor Frankl