Once in a while, we need to press the RESET button to get things working properly again.

You know the button I am talking about. It’s usually a red one, or a small black one, on machines, Wi-fi router, garbage disposal.

On the phone or computer, it’s the on/off button.

Sometimes we just need to unplug it and plug it back in.

You get the idea.

We humans have that Reset button, too. The difference between us and inanimate objects is the fact that our button is invisible. It comes in a form of a feeling, mostly an uncomfortable one. We can’t just press it, we have to take action to do so.

The other big difference is that we can continue to function despite the need to reset, albeit not optimally. But we ignore or postpone pressing the so called button because it’s more comfortable to live in the discomfort than to face another discomfort of taking that RESET action.

When it comes to food and eating, most of us know exactly what we need to do to Reset and feel better:

  • stop eating too much
  • stop eating junk food
  • stop over drinking
  • and for some people, stop going out to eat all the time (because that is where a lot of overeating and over drinking happens). 

We know what to do, and yet we pretend like we don’t.

We know how to do it, and yet we dramatize how challenging it might be. So we choose to stay stuck.

Let me simplify it for you with these five RESET actions. If you follow them, you will for sure be actively pressing your own Reset button and getting the results you are looking for.

R is for Review

Review the eating habits and foods that have been sabotaging you. You may want to do a food journal for a few days before hand, to see exactly what these might be. Most of you will already know the patterns and culprits.

It is important to be honest with yourself without harsh judgement.

While reviewing, it is also very important to come up with the WHY for your Reset and to be specific about what you want out of it.

The Reset is for you, not anyone else. You will have the most success if you treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

E is for Eliminate

With data from your Review, you will know what you need to eliminate. Whether it’s certain foods, of habits, restaurants or drinks (sometimes, people), decide on what the things that are not serving you and decide to eliminate them (at least for now).

S is for Strategize

Like any project or goal in life, we need a strategy to move toward it to achieve it. With your goal in mind, how will you get there? It is like a map of sort.

E is for Empower

Find ways to empower yourself to get started. Do you need accountability from a friend, a coach, a community, or can you do it alone? What is the feeling you need to feel empowered and determined to get it done?

T is for Tune in

The last, but most important task for the Reset is for you to tune in. This means taking action toward that goal. It means following your strategy and staying determined no matter what until you reach that goal.

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