Where the mind goes, the energy flows.

Often when we feel out of control in life, we feel out of control with our eating habits. Food seems to be the only source of pleasure, and relief.

These habits can result in negative results: we end up overeating which causes weight gain and negative self – everything.

The good news here is that, we can absolutely get back in control with our food choices and eating patterns (and not gain that weight) once we have our mindset in the right place.

This is when the true mind-body connection creates harmony and delivers results we desire.

In this Mindful Eating workshop, I will show you simple tools to stop overeating, and release your weight naturally. I teach these tools during my signature weight release program TRANSFORM and see amazing transformations in my clients.

My weight loss clients have lost and maintained 8 – 50 lbs using these very tools.

Anyone who has been on a weight loss journey knows that it is not easy. It is simple in theory (eat the right food, in the right amount, at the right time), but it is NOT easy.

True sustainable weight loss requires that we get rid of the diet mentality and acquire skills that can help us manage our urges, instill new habits and sustain courage and confidence to keep going.

That is why hypnosis, acupuncture and coaching make a powerful combination of tools toward successful and sustainable transformation.


Come to the workshop on July 8 to receive these tools in person!

Registration is now open, and space is limited.


I would love to help you with these tools that you can start implementing right away. You will feel empowered by the power of your own mind. With implementation, the results you desire is for sure waiting for you.


**This is the last time I will be offering this particular workshop this year!