I believe in the art of simplicity: nothing in life should be overly complicated. After all, we all know that life is short, and there is nothing worth stressing over if we don’t NEED to spend the energy to do so.

When I was creating my weight release program, Reset and Release, my goal was to make it super simple to understand and follow. I wanted to the program to help people lose weight sustainably, without drama.

So I came up with the three C’s to accomplish anybody’s weight release goal. If you follow and use these three C’s, there is no way that you can’t win.

Here they are:

  1. Clarity

  2. Commitment

  3. Community

Clarity is the What, Why and How.

  • What is your goal?
  • Why do you want it?
  • And how will you achieve it?

This first C is crucial to get motivated and take action. But when you are crystal clear answering these three questions, you will be energized and ready to begin.

Commitment is the glue that solidifies Clarity. Without commitment, you may start, but not finish. Without commitment, your goal is just a dream with a laid out plan that is not activated. No goal gets accomplished this way.

Community makes the commitment more consistent (hey, another C!). Community creates accountability which fuels big and small successes. It is also there to catch you if you fall. It is there for encouragement. It is there to remind you of your Clarity.

The last two weeks, my colleague Annabel and I have been honored to create a community around our Sweet Charity Sugar Challenge. Several people have committed themselves to a no-sugar challenge while supporting a good cause (The Hunger Project).

We are seeing these three C’s in action during this year’s Sweet Charity Challenge and are thrilled that we are over half way toward our goal of raising $5,000 for the Hunger Project!

Whether you have a goal to achieve, want to kick the sugar habit, want to lose some pounds, or want to test out the three C’s through the Sweet Charity Challenge, I invite you to join us!



The Challenge only runs through February 11 with free coaching support from us!