I am the first to admit that I love sweet things.

And I used to consume a lot of it.

My perfect afternoon would look like hanging out at a coffee shop that offers delicious pastries, warm drinks, and big sunny windows.

I used to seek this sort of place out for comfort, and what I thought was joy.

And that’s okay when it happens occasionally.

It’s even okay if it happens daily, as long as you are happy with the results it provides.

But I was not happy with the frequency or the repercussions of what consuming a lot of sweet things in my life. Fatigue, hair loss, hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, acne and other bodily signs were starting to creep in… especially as I started to get older.

I knew the culprit for me was my sweet tooth. Despite lots of discomfort and rebellious chatter in my brain, I slowly began to change my habits to find balance in my brain and body.

It was not easy at first. All change is hard, right?

But slowly and surely with commitment and accountability, I found ways to combat my sweet tooth monster.

Here are some things that work for me. With much less sugar in my diet, I can say with certainty that the aforementioned symptoms have either diminished or decreased substantially.

If you are struggling with similar sweet tooth monster challenges, give these 5 things a try:

  1. Acknowledge that you like sweets, and that there is nothing wrong with you.
  2. Decide why you would like to decrease or eliminate sugar from your normal routine.
  3. Start small by swapping processed sugar with natural sugar.
  4. Eat whole foods with lots of vegetables and fiber and fats that will satisfy you during the meal so that you won’t be looking for something sweet afterwards.
  5. Find other “sweet” things in your life that are not food. A lot of times, that is why you are reaching out for sweet foods when in reality, you are seeking sweet experiences (like connection, touch, warm drinks, good movie, etc).

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“Say no to sugar, you are sweet enough already.”