Last year my dear colleague, Annabel Boys, and I hosted a no-sugar challenge we names The Sweet Charity Challenge.

We had a lofty goal to raise enough money to help United World Schools build a new school, and we almost made it! We raised almost $10,000 and sent hundreds of children to school for a year.

What’s more, loads of people who participated in the no sugar challenge benefited from not having all that white stuff in their system. They felt better, lost weight, and felt great over all. It was a win-win!

We are hosting The Sweet Charity Challenge again this year, from January 15 to February 11 (4 weeks total).

This time, we are raising funds for The Hunger Project.



Annabel and I met with the Hunger Project in person this past Spring in London. We were inspired by their mission, and their vision of creating “a¬†world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.”

If you are interested in investing in your health while giving to a charity such as this one, we will help coach and support you throughout the no-sugar challenge.

It’s easy. Just donate however much you can on this JustGiving site, and you will be invited to join our no-sugar challenge community.


As coaches, we are trained to help guide and direct you and keep you accountable for your commitment. It’s not very often that we offer our skills for free. This is your chance to cut out that white stuff and regain a healthier diet.

We hope to raise at least $5,000 for The Hunger Project in 4 weeks!

Won’t you join us?