Happy 2018!


I am writing this from snowy South Carolina.


We come here each winter to escape Ohio’s winter. And most years, we do so successfully. Not this one!


But that’s okay. I have more time to reflect and catch up on my 2018 planning, including writing this blog post.


A few years ago on New Year’s day, I started picking one word to focus on for the rest of the year. I liked the sense of focus and purpose. I liked that the one word can give me an intention for the rest of the year.


This year, the word for 2018 is GROW.



I grew a lot in 2017, and in previous years as well. But in 2018, I aim to grow intentionally. I want to do things that truly help me move forward in life, personally and professionally.


To grow means to allow for change.

To grow means I need to do things that won’t feel comfortable.

To grow will require me to learn new skills and adapt.

To grow means I will be the best I can be while helping others do the same.


And THAT (the last one) is SO exciting to me!


Without growing, there is no growth!  And I believe that growth is what we were put on this earth to do.


Do you want to pick a word for your 2018 to help you set the right intention for the year ahead?


Here’s what I recommend you do:

1.Brainstorm by writing down several words that resonate with you and your current life.

2.Narrow down to 3-4 words

3.Say each word out loud and let it sink in… emotionally and physically, how does each word make you feel?

4.The one that suits you best for this year will feel exciting, a little challenging, but completely rejuvenating.

5.Once you pick your word, don’t go back. Embrace it and its meaning. This is your word for the year, and let it guide you to your full potential!


Have fun, and enjoy living intentionally!


In health,