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Clean Eating Reset: 7 Tips for Eating Real Food

The Pre-Holiday Reset is starting this Monday, November 13.


It’s a mini – Reset, just for five days, as I know how busy this time of year can be for us all.


The main theme for the Reset is to eat real food for 5 days.



Here are 7 tips for people who have not done the Reset with me before, and who may want to do this on their own, at any time.

1.When in doubt, go for food not in boxes, or packages. Go for food with no labels!

Usually this means that you are buying foods that have not been altered, manufactured or enhanced.

2. Go for single-ingredient foods

It is more likely that you are eating something in the form closest to nature. Grains, for instance, may come in a package, but it’s just its own ingredient.

3. Eat foods that will eventually rot 

If it rots, it’s real! These are either plants, or animal products that  have not been altered enough to stay on the shelf indefinitely.

4. Choose fats that occur in nature 

Fats are fuel. Choose natural fats like coconut, olive oil, avocado, butter, nuts and seeds.

5. Avoid food-like products that were made in a plant

Again, anything that does not spoil or rot will have most likely been produced in a factory. Products that have ingredients we can’t pronounce are food-like products and should really not be consumed.

6. Avoid anything with added sugar 

Most packaged and processed foods including beverages will be loaded with added sugar. We end up consuming way more sugar than necessary which results in diseases and weight gain.

7. Cook your own food whenever you can

Needless to say, eating real food usually requires SOME cooking of the food. It does not have to be complicated all. Cooking your own food is always always always the best way to nourish yourself and your family.


It’s not too late to join our next Reset. It’s free, it’s full of support and 100% good for you.


Clean Eating Reset : Eat Clean and Stay Lean

Happy November and happy pre-holiday festivities!


Festivities and food go together, don’t they?


Are you already a little bit anxious about all the eating that will take place these next many weeks?


Do you feel out of control during holiday gatherings? Do you tend to gain a few unwanted pounds (or more)?


Join my mini Clean Eating Reset to set the mind in the right place so that you embark on the holidays feeling clean and lean.


We will eat real food, learn some mind tricks, and reset our taste buds and metabolism.


It is always FREE to be part of this challenge. 


Click HERE to join the group and I will show you how easy it is to conquer the holidays without gaining weight and feeling out of control.