I just got back from a wonderful week in Death Valley National Park: the Hottest, Driest, Lowest place in the country (as they call it). Despite its name, however, we did find a lot of life there. We even found water: creeks, waterfalls, ponds. Who knew?! We also found lots and lots of salt (dehydrated salt water!).

But for sure, it was DRY. I was more thirsty there than I had been anywhere in my life. Naturally, I drank more water because my body demanded it. I felt parched from the inside out: it was rather bizarre.


In an effort to stay hydrated, my family lived by the motto: “Drink before you’re thirsty!” throughout the week. We imagined ourselves as plants that would wilt in the hot sun (it was in the 90s during the day!). We were never far away from gallons of water. And ice.

Ironically, somewhere in the middle of the week, I came across this article that peaked my interest in this drinking more water thing. I don’t know if I can drink THAT much water a day, but I can certainly try to drink more than I normally do.

It’s again back to the Yin-Yang theory. Water is Yin. Heat is Yang. If there is too much of something, then there is an imbalance, which can end up in a dis-ease. Nourishing the body with water is one easy way to┬áre-balance the Yin.

I am all in!