I don’t get sick often, thankfully, but when I do, I fight it until I lose.

Today is that day. I am grateful for the understanding on the patients’ side. Thank you for allowing me to cancel on you the morning of your appointment. I need this day to heal, and hopefully, heal quickly.

A few things that I am learning from being a patient myself:

1. Listen to my mother. Thanks to technology, I am able to stay connected with my family who is 10,000 miles away on the other side of the globe. Within a few seconds, I am comforted and reminded by my mother’s words to: rest, drink warm water with lemon, and not work too hard.

2. Let the children take care of you. My sweet children covered me up in a blanket, made me tea, and rubbed my feet. They even walked the dog!

3. Sleep. Possibly the best medicine, if you can get it uninterrupted.

4. Get acupuncture. What else would I do but turn to what I know will help me best! I have an appointment at my previous home in Clintonville this morning. Looking forward to moving that Qi, and getting tonified.

5. Be patient. Of course I wish that I could wish this virus away into the thin cold wintry air, but it’s not as simple as that. Patience patience patience. You all show me that everyday, and now I get to practice and live it, too.

Stay well, and warm, and healthy, everyone!

With Gratitude,