I spent three days without refined sugar, and ate very simply. And I loved it.

There were challenging moments, of course: the moments when I wanted to reach for the tub of ice cream (just before bed), or stop by a bakery (around 3pm).

Helpful things/ thoughts that helped deter me from following through my habits and cravings:

1. Accountability – because I told the world that I was going to do this pre-challenge, I had to stick to it.

2. Distraction – they were three busy days at my practice. You guys kept me well distracted!

3. Green juice and Kombucha – drinks that quench thirst and eliminate cravings. Plus they were nutritious and delicious

4. Previous success – I knew that I had gone through periods of no sugar before. Remembering my previous success helped me continue forward.

5. Ear seeds – these are placed on specific points on the ear acupuncture points. They help curve cravings and stimulate metabolism.

Some lessons learned:

1. Preparation is key. 

I was mostly prepared with the staples: grains, vegetables, eggs, juicing materials. But busy days gave me less time to prep the actual meals. That’s why I kept things simple (brown rice, nuts, avocado, banana with almond butter). It would have been helpful if I had prepared a few things ahead of time and just had them as a go-to after a busy day.

2. Take advantage of locally made simple foods.

Farmers Markets and Natural Markets can come in handy. I found the dip that was delicious and served me well as a snack with some cut up vegetables. There are several other options as well. As long as they are minimally processed, made by humans, and contain no refined sugar or additives, they will fit the challenge well.


3. You could eat out! 

It’s possible to go to a restaurant during this challenge. I went to Aladdin’s in Bexley and had a great simple meal. Of course it’s best to make your own food so you know exactly what goes into the preparation. But we’ve got to be flexible, too. As long as you are mindful of what you order, I’d say, go have fun with your family and friends. Preferably, not for every meal.

The Conclusion: I really enjoyed the three days of eating clean and simple. It made me feel lighter, and much more mindful of what I was putting into my body. I look forward to doing it again with you all at the end of July.

I will be some drafting guidelines, and offering simple recipes for all interested in the challenge. Stay tuned!

In good health,


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