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Bexley Acupuncture helps you heal, connect and transform your body and mind,

so that you feel better physically and emotionally.

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Hi, I'm Kit!

With safe and effective Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities of acupuncture, cupping, and reflexology, I can help you feel better, naturally. 

I also offer Holistic Weight Loss Coaching to take your physical and emotional health to a level where you can thrive. 

Combining acupuncture with other effective healing modalities, I specifically help people overcome and manage their pain, stress and weight challenges. 

Are you struggling to change your eating habits, have a healthy relationship with food, lose weight, and feel better in your body?

Do you sort of know what to do, but need some guidance and accountability to achieve your goals?

I offer holistic weight loss coaching, and mindful eating programs to help you do just that!

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Wellness Blog

This is a space where I share some news, thoughts, tips, or just plain old stories. 

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