Reset & Release Weight Management


Join me for an Online Weight Release Course 

Reset & Release

An Eat Clean & Get Lean Program


“I lost 7 lbs in 14 days following Kit’s Reset and Release program!

 Kit helped me learn to really listen to my body….

And explained it in terms and ways I’d never heard before.

I continued to lose weight using Kit’s guidance, and now weigh less than ever before.

I feel comfortable in my body, all my clothes fit, and best of all, I am no longer obsessed with food, or dieting. 

It’s a miracle!

I truly appreciate her solid, kick butt advice and guidance.

I would recommend her to absolutely anyone!”  ~ Nori Duffee



“I am very grateful to Kit for sharing her expertise and patiently coaching me to understand how the body processes food efficiently.

After many unsuccessful attempts with other weight loss programs,

I finally have started to lose weight with my new knowledge and Kit’s encouragement!

I am seeing numbers on the scale that I haven’t seen in ten years!”  ~ D. LeBlanc



I found the Reset & Release program to be highly beneficial.

I lost 10 pounds!

I loved having the Facebook support group and it helped me with accountability which I really need to stay on the right path.

I am so thankful to Kit for her support on this journey.   ~ Tiffany Duncan

We will work on this no-dieting program that will help you

reset your metabolism, and release unwanted weight.

You will learn the most effective weight management tools including self-hypnosis techniques

to reframe your habits and unconscious behaviors that have been sabotaging your weight loss goals.

If you are tired of dieting, and ready for real change… whether you want to maintain weight,

or lose 5-20 lb, or more… this program is for you!




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What you will get


• Reset and Release Course Workbook

• Daily Email with the most effective weight loss tips, tools, and inspirations

• Daily Video lessons including a self hypnosis meditation

• Private Facebook Group where we can share ideas and progress during the 7-day period

• For LIVE programs, you will get live coaching and full accountability

throughout the duration of the program!




$39 for the full program (self-paced)

you can purchase this at anytime


For more support and coaching (dates to be announced – get on the waitlist!):


$79 per person (online, self -paced course)


$99 per person for a LIVE course