About Kit Yoon


Kit Yoon, LAC, CCH, CHC

Acupuncturist | Evidence-based Health Coach | Clinical Hypnotist

In my practice, I help my patients feel better, physically and emotionally using natural healing modalities including acupuncture, hypnosis, reflexology, and health coaching techniques. I also help people break unhealthy habits for good.

I was born and raised in a small village, just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. In 1988, I came to the US for high school and stayed for college. I have moved around a bit since then; from Massachusetts to Maine to California, to New Zealand. Now, I get to call Ohio, home.

The first time I experienced Chinese Medicine was right before graduating from college: an anxiety provoking time to face real life. I was dealing with stress and anxiety that usually comes with transitions and challenging life moments. I had nagging digestive issues that were not responding to Western medications. I knew they were directly related to stress!

There was an acupuncturist / herbalist in Portland, Maine who offered me treatments to calm my nervous system and rebalance my digestion.  My body responded right away. I was grateful for the relief and impressed by the natural healing abilities and acupuncture promoted. It was then that I started exploring complementary medicine as a career path.

Besides having great personal results from it, I also chose to pursue Chinese Medicine because it is a comprehensive healthcare system: a wonderful combination of clinical efficacy and thousands of years of evidence within the healing arts. It also trusts the human body’s own healing abilities (acupuncture) and uses natural resources as medicine (herbal therapy).

With my background in Biology, I had to put Western sciences aside while learning a whole new paradigm of Chinese Medicine. It was so different than anything I had ever known. But it convinced me that it worked, very well.

I graduated from Five Branches University in 2002, and enjoyed a private acupuncture practice in Santa Cruz, California for several years before moving to Columbus with my family in 2010.  I was one of the staff acupuncturists at Urban Acupuncture Center, the first community acupuncture clinic in Ohio, for three years, and loved every minute of it.

I became a Certified Health Coach through National Society of Health Coaches in 2014. This organization only certifies healthcare professionals who work closely with patients’ health and wellbeing. The evidence based coaching techniques prove to be more effective than other conventional coaching strategies that are more directive.

More recently, I searched for another modality that would complete my healing career, to bring it to the next level. For so many reasons, hypnotherapy was that modality. It connects the body with the mind in the most profound way. With my luck, I was able to be trained by the Wellness Institute right here in Columbus. My experience of hypnotherapy and its ability to heal during the intensive training blew me away. You know when people say ‘it was meant to be’? Well, this training was meant to be! I am forever grateful.

I am thrilled to be part of the Bexley and Columbus healing community!  Our family has enjoyed our life here so far, and we look forward to raising our children here, and helping out within the community in any way we can.

When not working, I love spending time with my husband, and our two children. We live with a small menagerie and a bountiful garden (during the growing season) in Bexley.


Licensed acupuncturistCalifornia State Board (2002), and Ohio Medical Boards (2010)

Diplomat in AcupunctureNational Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, 2002

Certified Clinical HypnotistThe Wellness Institute, 2015

Certified Evidence-Based Health CoachNational Society of Health Coaches, 2014

Certified Clean Needle TechniqueCouncil of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, 2002

Certified ReflexologistFootloose, Inc., 2008

Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese MedicineFive Branches University, 2002

Bachelor’s degree in Biological SciencesWellesley College, 1997

Member of Ohio Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

CPR/ FirstAid CertifiedAmerican Red Cross Association


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