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How hypnosis can help you lose weight


Have you been on some kind of diet, a detox or a cleanse, and when you are not ‘supposed to’ eat something, all you want is that very thing?

A little voice inside your head says, “Oh, why bother? I will be good tomorrow.” Or, “Just this one time, and that’s it.”

That little voice comes from your subconscious mind — a vast territory in our brain that hangs on to most of our past memories, emotions, traumas, feelings and more. It likes to be helpful, but oh so irrational. We have a terrible time telling it to shut up.

This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis can tame that voice.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation. In this meditative state, we can access the subconscious mind much more readily. We can ‘talk’ to it, ‘listen’ to it, and give it new suggestions. You can think of it as taming a new puppy, and training it at the same time. While the puppy is calm and collected and content, it will learn new ways of doing and being without going back to old bad behaviors.




Our subconscious enjoys old repeated patterns or long-term habits because it does not have to do much work that way. So when in doubt, it will revert and rely on old patterns, no matter how good or bad they are.

For instance, you may have a habit of eating in front of the TV, or computer. It may ease your anxiety, or calm and reward you in some way. So each time you are about to sit down to watch TV, or work on the computer, you must have something to eat. The subconscious registers that as a habit… and it will want you to repeat this habit each time that you do these activities. It does not know what you choose to eat, or how much. It just knows that its job is to signal the pattern to you to replicate.

The problem with this pattern is:

  1. You are mindlessly eating.
  2. You are in a trance (because your eyes are fixated on one thing), and it’s hard to stop.
  3. You will most likely overeat.
  4. You will most likely feel bad that you just overate.

And yet, the pattern continues, over and over and over again.

As a tool, hypnosis can stop the old pattern by understanding why you have this habit in the first place. We will then reverse the old conclusions, and give your subconscious new, healthier choices. After each session, you will feel empowered and relieved that you don’t ever have to be a slave to your subconscious any longer.

As a result, you will make healthier choices around eating. You will lose the unwanted weight.







For more information about my weight release program, TRANSFORM, you can go here. The program is offered in group sessions, or privately.

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Debunking Hypnosis Myths


Even more than acupuncture, when you hear about hypnosis, you cringe a little, right? Maybe even a lot.

You are not alone! That’s perfectly normal response.

We get creeped out by the ‘unknown’. Worst yet, we get creeped out feeling like we are completely out of control. This is because for most people, their only exposure to hypnosis is ‘stage hypnosis’ where a stage hypnotist seems to have all the control buttons. He snaps, and people on stage respond by going into a deep trance, and doing whatever the hypnotist tells them to do. Totally creepy.

The truth is, that is pure entertainment. There is a small amount of reality to it, but a small one. Usually, these situations are perfectly staged. The people are perfectly chosen, and perhaps even paid to perform.




Hypnosis, in truth, is not too different from relaxation, or meditation. When used as a therapeutic modality, hypnosis is a state of relaxation with intentional guided suggestions.

Everyone can be hypnotized. In fact, we perform self hypnosis throughout the day.

For instance, if you listen to music while driving, reading while eating, painting or sewing while daydreaming… You are most likely in a trance for part, or all of that time. Eye-fixation is a very effective way of going into a trance… which really is just a relaxed state of being.

During this state of relaxation, the subconscious becomes dominant; this is where long term patterns, habits, memories are kept and operated. We are much more suggestible in the subconscious realm, and that is how hypnosis can help take away old negative thoughts, habits, or patterns, while creating new, long-lasting positive ones.


What is Hypnotherapy?


After practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for over 10 years, I know its benefits and limitations pretty well. Acupuncture is wonderful, sometimes even miraculous, for so many conditions. I love it for its simplicity, its efficacy, and versatility. But like anything else in this world, it is not perfect. It can address most physical ailments well; it can even improve psychological imbalances. There comes a time, however, when it needs a better mate for an even better dance.



That’s when hypnotherapy comes in. While acupuncture addresses the physical being (moving the Qi, resolving stagnations), hypnotherapy works on the unconscious part of the mind that helps with emotional release, and reverse mental limitations, and negative tendencies that inhibit growth and the ability to move on in life.

The two modalities together create a harmonious, perfect pairing. They compliment each other, and help bring about the best possible outcome.

I am so excited to bring this combination to my practice!


I was trained and will be certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy this month. At first glance, if you don’t know much about hypnotherapy, you may be turned-off by the idea of people on stage being induced into a trance-like state and losing all of their control.

In reality, that is far from what hypnotherapy is about. The trance-like state is something that we experience daily, most of the time, unconsciously. Have you ever driven somewhere, get there, and forget about the whole experience of driving there? That’s a good example of being in a trance-like state. Hypnotic trance is simply the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and sub-conscious mind.



During a session, you will be completely in control, and conscious of your surroundings. The only difference is that we will be communicating more with the 90% of your mind. That’s where we can tap into shifting negative thoughts into positive ones, changing bad behaviors and thought tendencies, and creating long lasting change.

I think of it as a guided, intentional meditation.

Because acupuncture already induces relaxation, and a re-balancing of your energy fields, when combined with hypnotherapy, the results are profound. We are literally connecting the mind and body in one single treatment! Many people have commented on how after one session of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, they feel better than 10-20 session of talk therapy.

Some conditions that Hypno-Acupuncture sessions can help:


Chronic pain

Weight management

Smoking cessation

and any sense of ‘being stuck’ in bad habits or routines.

Together, we can connect and transform your mind and body, so that you will feel and live better, naturally.

Best wishes,