When I asked my Clean Eating community a few weeks ago if they would be up for a 21 day- Reset (instead of our usual 5-7 day one), many people raised their (virtual) hands.


It is known that to make real habit changes, or to see benefits from dietary changes, we have to give it at least 3 weeks. The usual 5-7 day Resets are great for us when we need a mini reboot. But that’s really not enough time to make sustainable, visible changes for most of us.

And so here we are. Reset 21 will begin on Monday, February 12, and run through March 4.

Besides following our mantra of Eat Food, Not too much, Mostly Plants, we are also going to follow a protocol that helps decrease inflammation.



Inflammation is now understood to be one of the main causes of so many health conditions. From skin issues, to digestive and autoimmune challenges, we are dealing with a lot of internal inflammation that we may not even realize.

Instead of adding pharmaceuticals or supplements (just more stuff to buy and take), it is more reasonable to take away some foods that are known to cause inflammation in the first place. This is also known as elimination diet, but we are not going to that extreme.

This is our protocol for the upcoming Reset 21.


We have a very active Facebook community that inspire, support and encourage each other throughout the Resets. You will also hear from me in your inbox every other day to help guide and support you through this journey.


Join us – the Resets are always FREE.