This print is coming with us to the new space! It makes me so happy to look at it each day: peace and solitude, with light at the end of the tunnel.

(Carmel Mission, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. 2014)


Hi all!

I apologize for being away from this blog space. There has been an inertia since my website went down a couple of months ago. But from now on, I plan to post more regularly, as I believe in frequent communication about health, and well-being.

Today’s post, however, is short and sweet.

It’s to announce that I have moved from my previous office space to a new one. Moving forward, I can be found at 2700 E. Main St, Suite 110 in downtown Bexley.

This new space gives us one more treatment room, which means that you will have more options when making appointments!

You are still encouraged to make appointments online. In a few weeks, once I get a hang of the new rhythm, I will change the settings so that more options will show up on Schedulicity. In the meantime, if you don’t see a suitable time for you on there, please email me directly, and we will find a spot for you!

Thank you for your patience, as we transition in real life, and virtually.

I continue to be honored and humbled to be part of your natural health and wellness team!

With gratitude,