All the photographs you see on this site, and at the Bexley Acupuncture office, are taken by me!

You can call it a hobby, or a bit of an obsession. Whatever it is, it really took off in 2007 when I found myself living back in New England.

I had gone to schools in Massachusetts, and still have many good friends living there. So it was by no accident that I bumped into a high school friend who owns and operates an organic farm in beautiful, bucolic Lincoln, MA. As a birthday present that year, I got my very first SLR camera. With the camera, and two small children, we decided to hang out on the farm the majority of our year in Boston. There, I found magic through the lens.

The magic was a sense of peace and tranquility through nature.

It felt healing and comforting. I found myself drawn to close ups of flowers, plants, and animals.

I enjoyed capturing the details of these beautiful forms, so much so that I started a blog for the farm. I continued to take photographs after we left to move back to California.

There is beauty everywhere. If you take a moment to pause and enjoy, you don’t even need a camera to feel that sense of peace.  I am happy to share some of the images I captured with you through my acupuncture in Bexleypractice.

In good health,   Kit