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Bexley Acupuncture helps you connect and transform your body and mind, so that you feel better, naturally.



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Often categorized as Eastern Medicine or holistic therapy, acupuncture is an ancient practice that restores the natural flow of energy in your body. In the Western world, it has gained popularity as an effective treatment for stress, aiding in pain relief, and anxiety. We can explain the benefits of acupuncture as a stand alone remedy, and in conjunction with Eastern and Western treatments.

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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help change behavioral patterns and establish sustainable habits for mental and physical well-being. By removing conscious obstruction, this guided meditated state can lower resistance to positive change and reinforce your resolve and determination. It is a complimentary therapy often used for coping with pain, stress & anxiety, smoking cessation, and weight release.

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Cupping, Reflexology, Healing and Relief

Reflexology Massage is a practice of applying direct hand pressure on different reflex points within the body. Cupping is an ancient art of applying cups to stagnant meridians to increase blood flow and healing. Many individual treatments include a combination of healing techniques to compliment one another as well as Western practice to facilitate healing, pain relief, wellness and balance.

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Bexley Acupuncture Health & Wellness Blog

March 12, 2016
As temperature rises outside, birds are singing louder, buds are emerging from the ground, and tiny leaves pop and unfold from bare branches.  Life begins to…

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February 27, 2016
One of the most memorable experiences during our recent trip to Australia was not so much holding the koala bears, feeding the kangaroos, or walking…

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February 15, 2016
Greetings from Queensland, Australia! When my husband asked if I wanted to come along with him on his work trip, I did not hesitate. It’s…

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